Mokalik the Movie: showcasing other forms of Intelligence in Children

Movie title: Mokalik

Director: Kunle Afolayan

Duration: 1 hour, 45 minutes

Cinema release: May 2019

Reviewer: Olutayo Irantiola

An average middle class parent believes that the gateway to financial freedom to his/her child will always be quality education, and the child needs to give his best to his academic endeavor. The situation gets compounded if parent gives up all ‘pleasures’ to train the child and that child is not excelling as desired by the parents. That’s the thrust of the movie, Mokalik, a rustic Yoruba pronunciation of Mechanic by Kunle Afolayan.

Toni Afolayan played the role of Ponmile, a Yoruba name, which can be loosely translated as honour me is the name of the lead character in the movie, Mokalik, the boy was underperforming in school, and his father who wants him to see the other side of life at a Mechanic Village, took him there so that he can experience what happens within the informal professions and this would spur him to become more studious.

The boy towered all those that he met at the village and he showed that truly he was an intelligent boy. He argued that Bugatti is faster than Mercedes Benz. he asked questions about their expertise; he also encouraged Simi, a lady whose mother has a canteen in the mechanic village, to consider a musical career and he experienced the graduation celebration of one of the apprentices.

In all these, the boy has demonstrated his sense of intelligence. As espoused by a psychologist, Howard Gardner, some of the intelligence demonstrated in the movie include linguistic intelligence and this made them endeared to all the artisans in the premises. Similarly, his admonishment to Simi was a result of his Musical Intelligence, which is a rare kind of intelligence. People with this profile have the ability to listen to sound and music and identify different patterns and notes with ease. This intelligence group is usually known as having the “absolute pitch”.

Ponmile is one of those people typified to possess Interpersonal Intelligence. This group are practical people with a great sense of responsibility. They are calm in their ways, they know how to listen and speak but above all, they know how to use their own knowledge and power to influence people. Equally, he demonstrated intrapersonal intelligence, a characteristic of someone that is deeply connected with themselves.  This type of person is usually more reserved but at the same time commands great admiration from their peers. Among each of the seven types of intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence is considered the rarest.

Asides this, there is another remarkable feats in the movie, for people resident in Lagos suburbs such as Ogba, Agege, Mongoro, they feel closely the arrival of various airlines into the country either local or international airlines. There are many airlines that have become moribund in Nigeria and the movie has been able to preserve the brands that were showcased in the flick.

Finally, the feature film is a call on parents to stop believing that there is a single way into the success of their child. We need to integrate both formal and informal education together, it will help to enhance the value created by artisans and it will bring the gap in unemployment.

The flick which brought various actors such as  Femi Adebayo, Fathia Williams, Samuel Oludayo Akinpelu, Abdulateef Adedimeji, Charles Okocha, Samuel Ajibola, Wale Akorede, Simisola Ogunleye, Tobi Bakre and Tooni Afolayan that can be described as the next generation of the Afolayan entertainment dynasty.

Other salient lessons abound in the flick, let me whet your appetite with the thriller and I admonish you to dash down to the cinema to savour it-

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