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Mock not the bird with a wing
Thou with two wings,
Knowledge may be limited,
Ask for an enriched life.

Pity the bird with a wing,
For the experience might be traumatic,
Carrying the pain for ere,
While you brag about your skillfulness.
Show not a bird with a wing
Your embroidered wings,
You know not what may happen later,
That will make you same.
See other beauty in a bird with a wing,
The sonorous voice unhindered,
The beak still making a net,
Show others the way out of danger.
Never over look the bird with a wing,
That has learnt survival differently,
Gained skills courageously,
Excelling than those with two wings.

Have a look at this video- Give It Your Best Shot!

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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