E nle ni beun,

This is a Yoruba expression meaning hello over there. It is my joy welcoming you to this new week. May it continually be well with us. May the peace of God reside with all of us. I am glad to be with you again and I hope there is something meaningful that we would learn today. The world cup is starting this week; let’s look at something relating to football. Let’s look at lone walk vs Teamwork.

In a game of football, when all the players decide to cooperate and they move towards the goalpost of their opponents, what is fundamental is the number of goals and not the number of dribbling. If the players want to make name independently; they do not make accurate passes or they are making short passes. They are heading for failure.

Lone walk is a situation when you are on your own. You make sole decisions and everything is partly tranquil. At the point during lone walk, you might get discouraged and find no one to support you. This point is also trying because you might not be able to go farther than your capacity. During your lone walk, you have the opportunity of affirming yourself, your ability and your tenacity to achieve stipulated goals. A lone journey could be a lonely journey.

Teamwork is a journey with others, a journey where everyone gets encouraged, a journey where your strength synthetizes with that of others. A journey when you don’t do it all alone and you can go faster than anticipated. A journey that involves the division of labour; a journey of less boredom and a journey of synergy. This journey also has its own disadvantage one of the teammates could become a Judas Iscariot (a rebel or a greedy person). There could also be conflicting ideas but sincerely, a team that works together is worth the sacrifice.

Are you willing to go farther with contributing your quota to an organizational goal? Are you willing to celebrate your attainment with others in the journey of life? Join a winning team, be part of a winning team, stop assuming your strength alone is what is needed for the journey. Synergize with others and maximize your potentials in this journey of existence.

I am working with a team that wins, I am working within a team and I am always willing to be a part of winning teams.

Best wishes to all football teams in the world cup.


(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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