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Olajare Olaoke is a young talented Nigerian who was born over two decades ago, he recently launched his solo career in the highlife music industry by releasing a single titled “Orekelewa”. The Ibarapa-born artiste tells us more about the difference between live musical instrumentation and digital musical instrumentation among others. Herein below is an excerpt of our chat with him-

PDC: How long have you been into music?
Jare: My musical experience and career started from my church in the year 2001 where I was a vast drum set player before my interest was diverted to another musical instrument

PDC: How many brass instruments do you play?
Jare: Well, by the grace of God, I can handle virtually all brass instruments

PDC: Did you play with any band before you started your own music?
Jare: Musical career and experience cannot be worthwhile without working with some professional band because they are truly part of the storyline of one’s musicianship life. Having said this, I have performed and worked with Femi Ajayi and his Afri-cultural band, Rock jazz band, Jazzy band, Africa and the Africans, Kay-brass and the Elites Brothers, African Brothers Ensemble to mention but a few of them.

PDC: Who are your role models in the highlife music industry in Nigeria?
Jare: Highlife music industry is one of the ancient and ever living industry in Nigeria, which gave rise to other genres and styles of music. The likes of Dr. Abimbola Olaiya, Fela Ransome Kuti and the Koola Lobitos, Jim Cardinal, Rex Lawson, Eddie Okonta are good models of the genre and which I so much value and respect their calling and roles in the highlife industry.

PDC: With your new single in highlife, does it mean that the past is being reinvented?
Jare: Yes! We cannot shy or run away from the origin of music in Nigeria, its background and the roles it has played and it is still playing. My new single is being used to visit old memory lines in the highlife musical world and to revive the dying musical structures, textures and forms found in the early 50’s when highlife music was very prominent.

PDC: Nigerian music has leaned towards hip hop genre, does highlife music still have an audience asides from parties?
Jare: Wow!!!This is a great question. Every genre and styles of music has its own audience, irrespective of the message, musical forms, styles, instrumentation among others. The targeted musical audiences are large in number and they are located across every geo-political zone in Nigeria. The larger percentage of its audience who enjoy highlife music are elites and the noble ones who appreciate good compositions. The audience would look limited to those who do not listen to highlife music, but to us who perform the genre, we know where our audiences are and the places at which they patronize us even outside the party.

PDC: Today’s music is largely based on beats, what’s the place of instrumentalists in contemporary music?
Jare: Good!!!The place of the instrumentalist in any musical recording is inevitable and it cannot be over-emphasized because while we talk about live musical instrumentation during recording, its clarity, tone product, liveliness, creativity, differences in ideas and innovation which will enhance the effectiveness of the sound production. Digital recording is good but when you compare the live musical instrumentation with the digital musical instrumentation, you will see that the difference is clear in terms of the originality in musical instruments due to their unique or special features.

PDC: Are you willing to do songs based on societal issues like the older generations of highlife singers?
Jare: Musical compositions should not be based only on personal feelings and emotions. It must be able to reflect the position of the society, nation, citizens- both old and young folks. However, my musical composition will not be limited to my personal life as it will be able to reflect and revive the old features of highlife music which is meant to teach morals, correcting societal ills and propagating love in the society

PDC: You started playing the trumpet from the Royal Ambassadors, do we assume that you have gone totally secular?
Jare: The Royal Ambassador is my home and also the starting point of my experience into brass instruments .It is also the strength that keeps me moving up to this present moment. My musical career cannot take me out of my home(Royal Ambassador), so ‘highlife’ is a genre of music which is acceptable in all sphere of life be it in the church or outside as it cannot be totally termed ‘SECULAR’ whereby I maintain my pace as highlife performer and still a member of the Royal Ambassador and trying to blend the two together. However, with my love for trumpet playing, my music is not limited to secular world or church music.

PDC: How do you spend your leisure time?
Jare: Well, whenever I have any time for leisure, I do engage myself with knowing more about my instruments either by practicing or reading and making research about such instrument. Moreso,I try as much as possible to compose new songs from things happening around me. Whenever I don’t do all of the above, I either play video games, watch football or go out with friends.

PDC: You have had your first single, when do we expect an album from you?
Jare: Yeah,my album would soon be out.

PDC: Who are the artistes on your bucket list that you desire to collaborate with?
My lists are endless but I will mention just a few names of those I am eager to play and perform with any time soon, Dr.Victor Abimbola Olaiya,Orlando Julius, Femi Kuti,Tunji Oyelana, Lagbaja, Beautiful Nubia, Adekunle Gold and Simi.

PDC: Give a shout out to your teeming fans.
Jare: Special shout out to all my fans out there. Thank you so much for your love, encouragement, prayers, support and inspiring words. I vouch never to disappoint you come rain and sunshine#LoveYouAll

                     Olajare Olaoke

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  1. Your Comment: This is really nice, may the Lord continue to help you and make your ministry to grow. Amen. You have just started.

  2. Keep this up bruv. The future of music will be awesome with musicians, composers, instrumentalist like you. Congratulations.
    Peodavies well done.

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