My friend,

Get up from your mat,

You cannot stay here,

Lagos has woken!

The dawn is the onset of life,

Don’t wait till the day finally breaks,

A quantum of livelihood is hijacked,

Lagos has woken!

Traffic on the road,

Traffic of life,

Traffic everywhere,

Join the queue,

You can’t fold your hands,

Lagos has woken!

Before the Imam starts calling for prayers,

Some has got to work,

By the time Imam ends prayers,

They have made strides,

The Imam’s prayer should not be your alarm,

Lagos has woken!

Achievers are early risers,

The early bird catches the worm,

In that little thing you do,

Punctuality is the soul of business,

Lagos has woken!

It’s been said,

You know it,

Let not the morning dew waste,

Lagos life is discipline,

Lagos has woken!


11th March, 2013

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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