Laconic vs Loquacious

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Ya yeda,

It’s another opportunity to exchange pleasantries with you on this platform. I just said, “How are you?” in Bachama (Bwatiye) language from the southern part of Adamawa State of Nigeria. Let’s not trade the beauty of Nigeria because we would all benefit from her heterogeneous nature.
As a child, I know a boy who does not relate so much with his siblings. He was a man of very few words. In fact, he prefers to stay indoors when others are outdoor and he does vice versa. He sent shiver down the spine of a lot of his relatives because they were not sure of what was happening to him and they cannot gauge his feelings. It got to a stage that after he graduated from the University, his father confessed, “my greatest joy over you is that you were not a cultist”. Let’s think together on being Laconic and Loquacious.

A laconic person is a man of few words, someone who will not utter so many words, such a person is always concise in his expression and as a matter of fact, some people perceive it as arrogant whereas it is the person’s nature. Many times, these set of people also bottle up misdeeds towards them.

A loquacious person is an orator; he says it all at every opportunity; he can articulates very well. He has the words for every scenario and he can describe every situation. Such people are very expressive and some people get tired (offended by) of these people- they refer to them as a chatter boxes. A loquacious person can be fun to be with.

Why all these definitions? There are seasons when a laconic person will express his mind in times of disappointment and there are times when a loquacious person would keep mute for the same reason.

Special attention must be given to both of them at such critical periods because it’s a sign they need extra care and observation. Never ignore any of these two types of person because their rare periods would significantly be of benefit to careful listeners.

Be sensitive to all everyone and be observant enough to know when they need help to speak. They are both relevant at all times in the scheme of things.

Have a great day.
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