As a Nigerian who appreciates the heterogeneous nature of the country. I said “My friends” in Ishan language of Edo State. It is a great day to reach out to you with our weekly diet. I wished to have ran away (stopping this series) but I found myself in love with it and am glued to writing it.

Have you ever gone to an office, waiting for the boss but someone will just come in; ask the Personal Assistant (PA) or Secretary if the boss is inside the office, notwithstanding, if there was someone else with him; he would walk in boldly. You have to wait for the authorization of the PA or Secretary to go for your discussion. Let’s discuss intermediary versus Direct Access.
An intermediary is the go-between you and the person that you need something from; the intermediary might be for PA or Secretary, a close pal to the person, a blood relative etc. It is however, saddening, for blood relatives not to have direct access to one another until another relative intervenes. The need for intermediary came as a result of artificial distance created by parents who try to jealously guard and guide their children from relating to others. Also, we thank God for social media that has broken down this barrier a bit.
Direct Access is exactly as written; I have direct access to my parents and other associates. There is no person that needs to authorize a child’s request to the father. There is no limit to discussion with someone that one has direct access to. Direct access is what makes close kin of top executive exchange banters with him either in the office or at home. As customary to political office holders, around here, who go about with security details, those who see them have direct access.
The need for an intermediary or having direct access is dependent on our relationship. I have found out that there is no important person; your level of closeness determines the importance of the person. Develop your relationship so as to gain direct access and not wait for an intermediary. The anticipated intermediary might fail but having direct access is the based on you!
Have a week filled with Direct Access to good things of life!

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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