Hello friends,

It is an opportunity to reach out to you today. Hope you had a restful holiday (for those in Nigeria). If you are on Hajj, like Adewaleola Salami, I wish you a safe return home from the holy land. I had a swell time, reaching out to families that I have not seen in a long while. It is refreshing to keep the bond and stressful moving round.
Let’s discuss today in few words, Immediately Forgotten versus Forever Remembered. There are people that one meets and they create lasting impression on one. Irrespective of being alive or dead, they remain on the lips of those who had contact with them, their sayings are engraved in the heart and their deeds can be enumerated. This is all derived from the impact they have made in people’s lives. Are you positively impacting on those that you come across daily?
In whatever capacity that you are acting, kindly remember that the impression created today would last longer. Many at times, managers in the office “overuse” power, lecturers “idolize” themselves to students who are helpless today but they are leaders in their own rights in some hours to come. Parents imposing stand over their children. Power needs to be used carefully; position of influence needs to be managed with wisdom and skillfulness.  When people retire from work and another person takes over, “power has changed hands”.
There is an opportunity to change the impression people have about you. It is not late to re-order your course; it is the best to speak good words to people, it is ideal to admonish people, it is important to touch lives positively within your sphere of influence. If you do it right, there would be right results. Truthfully, the same occasion brings the two perspectives-Immediately Forgotten or Forever Remembered.
It is very beneficial to live a simple and selfless life for others because this will determine if one would be forgotten immediately or forever remembered even after demise.
Have a prosperous week ahead.
(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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