Hybrid Children:

Who knows beyond their parents,

IT conscious from the womb,

Fattened children, lazy bones.

Hybrid marriages:

Keeping spouses apart,

In the search of money,

Phone lovers, visiting partners.

Hybrid Christianity:

Giving in to the wishes of the people,

Than what God wants,

Our wish, Pastor’s cooperation.

Hybrid products:

Making all big products,

With little nutritional value,

Good taste, heavy belly.

Hybrid life:

Leaving natural things to synthetics,

Making life quiet reduced.

Junk life, quick grave.

Hybrid jobs:

No more idea of the past,

Digitalizing lifestyle.

Hybrid dressing:

Cosmopolitan rags of civilization,

Sensually enraging, Sexually attractive.

Hybrid trading:

Virtual office of the www,

Give me a shout,

Delivery to doorstep,

Virtual communication, virtual resolution!

Hybrid mentality:

Never realistic,

Not within reach,

Vague thinking!

No logic, no reason!


29th November,2010.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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