Ikot nyin-mi,
Welcome to another week of Versus Series, I hope you had a great weekend? We all await the conclusion of the election in 3 states in Nigeria. As we have all been waiting for good news; may it be our lot in Jesus name. Let me not leave you to a rhetorical question, I said “My People” in Efik language of Cross-River State, Nigeria. Hopefully, we should extend our language tentacles to West African states soon.

There are stories of many University students who are from shantytowns but their carriage is like they are city dwellers. Such students would be known for dressing extravagantly, however, when their true personality is unveiled, they become the laughing stock henceforth.  I am not saying this to slight anybody. Such incidences have been turned into Nollywood movies: Alacada and Jenifa. This is the thrust of our discussion today: Humble lifestyle versus Hyped lifestyle.
Humble lifestyle is a simple way of life that does not display affluence despite being affluent. People with a humble lifestyle are those that their mode of dressing will be expensive but they combine it in an inexpensive way. There are certain ladies that are gorgeously adorned in gold but they would not do it in an ostentatious manner, in fact, knowing their worth is humbling as they humbly go about their life gaining respect. May I add, Nigerians would attest to it that Hausa women have this attribute in Nigeria.
Hyped lifestyle is the “I-wanna-be-lifestyle” a life that aims at becoming flamboyant in penury, a life that attracts people but cannot maintain the lifestyle. Hyped lifestyle gains respect for some days and loses it forever. This lifestyle attracts gossip, name-tagging and dishonour. A hyped lifestyle is pretentious and false.
You either gain or lose respect with these lifestyles; you either get help or seen as someone who has it all with these lifestyles; you either attract a man who you can build an empire together or you keep being single; you either get a woman who loves you for who you are or she leaves you upon discovery of the “real” you from village. Many people have crossed from penury to wealth; people of no significance to significant people. Acknowledging the reality and hoping for great heights is not a problem; it is a passing phase.
I will maintain a humble lifestyle regardless of who I become, what is your resolution?
Stay humble.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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