God’s Tremendous Blessings to Abadina College at 40!

God bless Abadina College
Great college of Glory
New born to power of knowledge
Lifting our great walls above d sprawling
Village of Abadina and greenish hush of our premier university.

How beautiful is d word
Great citadels of learning
How great my love to the pleasure pasture of my youth
Great melting pot of tribes n races
All one in love.

Strive, Abadina, strive
Comfort thy soul in self control
Thy deliberations in love till all
Success is nobly achieved

These are the first three stanzas of our age-long school anthem; everyone who had passed through the College had retained their pride as alumni of the school. Our dear school has thrived with the God factor which is evident in the first line of the anthem and this has sustained the school till today; the alumni and the staffers of the school. We are celebrating the ruby anniversary of this citadel of learning.

The school which is located in a mentally stimulating environment has placed a great onus both the students and the teachers with a burning desire to attain more. The students of the college are of various categories- children of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU); Non Academic Staff Union of Universities (NASU); children of teachers; traders et al from the neighbouring communities such as Agbowo; Ojoo; Bodija; Orogun and as far as Moniya; Eleyele; Apete. They converge daily in the school for pedagogy while equally aspiring to become students of the Premier University or other institutions of learning with a passion to move up the academic ladder. Today, alumni of Abadina College are strategic placed within the University of Ibadan and across the globe.

Teachers, in their own way, desire to move on from their current state of academic attainment to become staffers of the premier institution in Nigeria or any other tertiary institution. Some of the former teachers of the school that I know who are now lecturers in the University of Ibadan include Dr. Abel Egunjobi; Dr Mrs Afusat Busari; Dr. Mrs Eugene Okwilagwe; Associate Professor Mrs A.O. Jaiyeoba; Dr. Mrs Ogbaraeno Pipy Fawole amongst others. This attest to the fact that the school will always add significant value to one’s life through the interaction with this post-primary institution in Oyo State. In my own summation, Abadina College is more than a school; it’s a centre where purposeful living can be learnt and imbibed which will last a lifetime.

Equally worth of note is the sacrifice and commitment of the leadership of the school in these 4 decades of her existence. The principals namely- Mr. A.A Adeniran from 1977-1980; Rev now Bishop A.A. Omodunbi 1980-85; Mrs. E.A Awolalu 1985-86 and Rev E.A Onipede 1986-88. Others are Mr. V.O. Adefisan 1988-91; Mr. B.A Akano 1992-1999 (the only Principal that I had and I was in the same set with his baby); Mr. E.A Shoyele 1999-2010; Mr. J.M Akinleye 2010-2012 and Mrs. M.A Osuntogun 2012 till date. They have all devoted their time and resources to ensuring that the school remains at the frontline in the delivery of qualitative and quantitative education in Oyo State.

Abadina College remains a reflection of the decadence of public education in Nigeria. The infrastructure of the school had crumbed over the decades- the school buildings; laboratories; laboratories; the school bus- begging for urgent attention. It takes the determination of the students and the academic and non-academic staffers to ensure that the school retained her status as a force to reckon with in Ibadan North Local Government and in the Ibadan metropolis at large.

The motto of the school motto which is “Learning and Service” has become evident at this auspicious time. Truthfully, we have learnt from our interaction with the school and other institutions that have made us but we need to be of service through our different callings. This made the alumni of the school feel morally obliged through the National body, Abadina College Old Students Association (ACOSA) under the leadership of Chidi Peter Ahaneku have come to the infrastructural rescue of the school.

Some of the sets that have invested heavily in the school- 1984; 1986; 1988 1989; 1991 (the set of the incumbent National President); 1992; 1993; 1994 and 1999 sets. Projects that have been completed in the school include the renovation of a two-storey building; renovation of a block of 8-classroom; renovation of the restrooms; construction of a solar powered borehole to supply water within the school and the adjoining community and installation of a reflective signpost. Other projects in the pipeline include the renovation of a block of 6 classrooms and the construction of an e-library which will be ready in another 6 weeks.

The Ruby anniversary of our school has changed the lot of the current set of students and it will make learning conducive. Other alumni are also encouraged to delightfully invest in the school in their own little way, particularly those who have risen to become C-suite Executives, to use their good offices to direct their social responsibility projects to the school. It will not be burdensome for any set if we all collectively come to the aid of the school.

Equally, the National Executive of Abadina College Old Students Association (ACOSA) must aim for the commissioning of bigger projects other than the ones that have been completed. The world is expecting us to completely revamp the school and equip the old cum establishing new laboratories with gadgets that will make the students prepared for whichever course they will like to study in the tertiary institution.

Nonetheless, human needs are insatiable and so would all the needs of the school will be met in one day. We would roll out the drum to celebrate our current attainment as we look forward to a cheerful future filled up bright hope. We appreciate those who have given their little and those who have given their best while we look forward to many more donations to uplift the school.  I end this piece with the last stanza of our anthem-

Rise, Abadina, rise
Let joy break into songs from thy children
Leading the world in triumphs of love
Great college of glory!




Class of 1999,

Abadina College, University of Ibadan


  1. God bless Abadina College,
    Great school known for modelling students.
    I am proud to have passed through you.

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