Anginyi Nyiam,

My affiliation with the people of Igede in Benue State continues today. I have come to ‘My People’ just like they call it. This week is bombarded with many activities and I am hopeful that it will all end in praise.
Have you ever heard older people talk about certain tribes that they have some traits as such; they will make an inference advising their children and relatives to desist from associating them. Also, some communities are renowned for the production of academic doctors and professors. Interestingly, some people pride themselves with these traits.
Generalization is a situation when people of certain clans have been stigmatized. This happens intra-tribal and inter-tribal. I know that the three major ethnic groups in Nigeria have different banter on one another. This generalization has been negatively affected a lot of loving relationships and how people are treated in the case of any eventuality.
Individuality is about a person- the lifestyle, the attitude, the character. A contact with a person from a certain community might be the beginning and the conclusion of the traits from a community. The trait found in these people is not as a result of their ethnicity but based on their personality.
What is the crux of today’s discussion? Do not make people stigmatize others from the same ethnicity with you because of your behaviour. Also, you can stand out as a different person regardless of the ‘negative’ attributes associated with your tribe across generations.
Take time to rewrite history and not continue with negative attribute from your homeland.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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