Saanu Janmo,

It is an opportunity greeting you in Hausa language today. I hope you are fine and you had a great weekend.  May your strength be renewed for this week’s tasks. I appreciate all the comments that I have received online through linkedin and my blog, I look forward to receiving more comments for this will help focus and direct my writings.
There is someone who had made up his mind about the brand of vehicle that he preferred above others (I would not mention any brand name to avoid free advertising) it was a policy statement, he had driven three different models of this brand till a point when he had a choice to pick an official car either his choice brand or another brand. He was dissatisfied with the latest model of his choice brand; as such he went for the other brand which he had always condemned. Let’s now read, Finality of decision versus Infinity of choices.
Finality is a state of making up one’s mind about a particular brand or product. When one visits some houses, virtually all that they have is of a particular brand. The finality of their mindset is usually based on what they have heard from others which might not be necessarily true and not from experience. Generalization is not the best way of making a decision. Premium brands might be easily condemned till one has the opportunity to own any of their products.
Infinity is the availability of choices from which one can choose. There are different manufacturers from different countries with different specifications. There is a saying in Yoruba language; “airin jinna ni o jeki a ri abuke Okere”literarily meaning without going far, one might not see a squirrel with a hunchback.
There is the area of specialty in everything but it does not mean that one should be condemned for the other. There could be defects in one brand or product different from the one of your choice but it is obvious that opportunities would determine the final decision. It is possible to switch from one product to another when it is experienced.
What I have understood about people is that decision switches as opportunities arise. There is no finality; there are infinite choices to select from at every point in life.

Best wishes this new week.
(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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