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I am sorry to be sending this week’s discussion late. It is due to circumstances beyond my control.

Let us consider something pivotal to our future. Faithful is when someone is dedicated, someone does everything wholeheartedly, someone is truthful to a fault. The faithful person throws himself into the project being handled, the faithful person do not retreat no matter how difficult the terrain is. Such people are sticklers for great feats.

In the Yoruba culture, the pigeon is used to symbolize faithfulness, a proverb goes thus, “Eyele oni ba onile je, ko ba onile mu, ko wa di ojo isoro ko peyin da” meaning the Pigeon will not feast with you and depart in the day of trouble. A smart person is the person that wants to cheat the system, someone who does not believe in learning the hard way. The smart person wants the short route to success. The smart person has got a new coinage in this era of proverbial, “enito mo way, lo mo iwe” meaning the person that knows the way is knowledgeable. The smart person is regarded, most times, as a cheat when caught with attached consequences. Nevertheless, some people had gone scout-free but it is not the best, it’s risky.

Being faithful shows you are trustworthy, reliable and dependable. There was a bank, while I was growing up with the slogan, big, strong and reliable; that is who a faithful person is. However, a smart person is being studied and one day, he could account for all his ‘smart’ deeds. A smart person might be rich overnight but he might lose it at the dawn of a new day.

Let’s grow together as faithful people than as smart people. It is expected of a steward to be found faithful. The smartness of today might demand the reputation needed for the future while the faithfulness of today might make your name reputable.

God, help me to be faithful, I pray. What about you?


(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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