Excuses are no more fashionable- Review of Break the Barrier

Author: Olumuyiwa Akande

Title: Break the Barrier

Pages: 110 pages

Year of publication: 2019

Publisher: Wisdom Gate Communications

Reviewer: Olutayo Irantiola

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” —Benjamin Franklin

The above quote of Benjamin Franklin has summed up the whole essence of the book written by a senior colleague and big brother. Pastor Olumuyiwa Akande. In fact, I can say that whoever has the willpower to write a book in Lagos has shown the grit to live a life beyond excuses and that is visibly portrayed in the book.

Akande, in the book, established the fact that God does not create failure and he drew references from various passages of the scripture. There are certain factors that make people assume that they are disadvantaged and when they dwell on it, breaking the barriers becomes difficult. Thereafter, he took us through the journey of many characters, both Biblical and living examples who have scaled various hurdles to attain their desired heights. His examples of people who had made a difference and those still making giant strides are all verifiable across all strata of human endeavor.

After showing these fundamental attributes, he proceeded to showing us various ways of conquering all these challenges. Interestingly, many people have heard it over and over but they keep jettisoning these salient truths- everyone knows his capabilities and that should be the starting point; everyone has a gift, that means there is something to profit with; the need to have faith in God; the need for a vision and strategy to attaining the desired goals; the action plan; the association one keeps amongst others.

Other fundamental attributes which brings help to break barriers include diligence; the intention to start small; having a nose for opportunities; investing in one’s self and also dressing right to attract the right set of people. This concise text can charge any young person’s mindset and fuel the person’s desire to attain great heights in all areas of life because the principles in it can be applied by both employed and unemployed; young and old; great and small.

On a final note, herein are few quotes from the text to whet your reading appetite-

  • Past mistakes have become the burial grounds of many brilliant, ideas, plans and visions
  • …when you keep trying, there is always a chance that you will succeed in life
  • One thing about the instructions of God is that’s, they don’t seem to make any sense particularly if it is viewed through the prism of human wisdom
  • When a man doesn’t have a vision, it becomes very difficult to be consistent and make any meaningful headway.
  • Vision without strategic planning is nothing but day-dreaming
  • Being with the right people increases your value and fast tracks your journey to the top
  • …ensure you flock with only the visionary
  • Talent is not an excuse for slothfulness
  • Great things are not committed into the hands of a lazy man
  • The opportunities that launch people to greatness don’t usually give notice
  • … the amount of information at your disposal will have an influence on the quality of your thinking and decision making processes.

Pastor Akande has contemporized the discourse on mindset change and taking baby steps into the adulthood of successful realities.

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