Wapendwa Marafiki,

Despite all the xenophobic attacks in recent times, I travelled to South Africa to bring you greetings, saying, “Hello Friends.” It is a great week around me with loads of commitments and challenges that would make me better. Hope we are all on the learning curve? Life is all about learning.

I will paint a scenario from the insurgency in Nigeria. This faceless and heartless group has killed a lot of people, rendered many people homeless and has maimed thousands of innocent Nigerians. However, we keep hearing statements like, “They will be brought to book; it is a menace we have to learn to live with etc”. Unfortunately, when the elections were drawing closer, the activities of this sect was a threat to the conduct of the general elections and the Nigerian army swung into action. The dastard activities of sect reduced drastically. Do we need emergency measures of long term measures for a good life?
Emergency measures are decisions taken to urgently resolve queries, issues and troubles. There is no body, state, nation or continent that does not need to make fundamental decisions to keep families at peace, stop warring factions and maintaining order. Some decisions made lack depth, as such, they relapse easily; some are poorly planned, as such, it attracts grievous consequences.
Long Term measures are the decisions that are thorough examined. It can be akin to the process of passing a bill in the National Assembly that goes through many stages before finally signed into law. Long term measures usually get to the root of an issue and ensure lasting solution.
There are people who do not know the time to appropriate emergency measures or long term measures. They mishandle situations and make a mess of it. There is a need for conscious efforts on our side to understand situations and not just rush at it. Good solutions can only be measured by its effectiveness.
Think deeply about the model of ending knotty issues and making the best out of it.
Have a great weekend.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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