Eweso o,
I am coming to you like an Ijebu man this afternoon asking ‘how are you doing?’ Hope you are doing well? Activities have started gathering momentum here and I hope it is the same at your own side. It is already February and if one is not careful that is how the year will speed off; December is around the corner as usual.
Some few weeks ago, I found online a post showing the types of chores a child can be engaged in from age 2. I now remember daughters of two neighbours of the same age, about 6 years now. One of these can open the gate for her parents to drive out, take care of her siblings when the parents are away while the second daughter is still at the mercy of a maid. Are we have e-trained children or trained children?
e-Children are children by my definition trained in English language and the only activity that they understand is how to watch cartoons. Unfortunately, many parents indulge them extremely. They are seen as being young and naive. These children only go to school and they know no other thing. As such, when some unforeseen realities come to the family; they hardly can withstand it. They can be categorized also as ‘egg’ children because of the way they have maids reporting to them by the hour thus they are ‘spoilt’ children and they also become obese. These children become further electronic children because their (re)actions would be too abstract and they become liabilities for themselves, their parents and the society. 
Trained children are children that have been made responsible from a young age. This responsibility is related to their age and their level of education. They have the knowledge of what their parents want and do not want. These children are equally well-educated like their classmates but they know the extent to which they can act. Their parents take time to teach, train and tame them. They are both useful to themselves, their parents and the society.
Today, civilization has produced more e-children than trained children but you have the opportunity of guarding your territory. Whatever you allow in your domain will give you the desired result on the long run.
Besides giving a child everything; you also need to train the child very well.
Enjoy your week.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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