Digging deep into the Lyrics of Tunji Oyelana’s Track

Track: Mo lo soko

Musician: Tunji Oyelana

Reviewer: Kayode Awojobi

Tunji Oyelana

Tunji Oyelana, was a renowned folklorist in the 60s and 70s, a highly talented and skillful singer who had various songs to his credit. He is a cerebral singer whose meaningful philosophical tunes delighted people from all walks of life. In addition, he gives insight into what life entails and foretells what is expected in this earthly sojourn. Mo lo soko is one from many of his numerous tracks that gives foresight into life between human and the extra-terrestrial.

A man is usually endeared to all that surrounds him, this includes the frivolities of life that beclouds his thoughts. Tunji Oyelana took us through a journey in this song as he encountered many characters at their territories. He referred to some strategic places which shall be considered in this piece.

The personae in the song visited the farm where he declined the yam given to him by the Olu-Oko (The farmer); he as well proceeded to the ocean, where he equally declined the fish offered him by the Yemoja/Oluweri (Mermaid), in pursuance of his adventure, he also got into the bush where the Olu-Ode (hunter) also offered him Guinea Fowl and he also declined. Still in this same journey, he visited a canteen where his friends invited him to dine and wine with them, but he declined as well.

His thoughts which had sojourned earlier, found a place where he got his desired calm which is the cozy comfort of his home and the warm embrace of his wife. To the chagrin of the personae, this was not sufficient for him and the same challenge of withdrawing to himself persisted. He was pestered to speak up and share his views with others, as typically said, a problem shared is half-solved. In an attempt to open up to his wife, his response was “oro gbogbo aye yi loun semi” literarily translated as I am concerned about this world.

Some of the occurrences in the world that has led to this feelings of what the world will become are largely outputs of the human heart namely hatred, favoritism, nepotism, backbiting, mockery, disappointment and wickedness. Others are envy, pretense, fornication, licentiousness, selfishness, dissension, carousing among others.  Eventually he concluded with a simile, that the world desires to have men who have similar traits to Partridges. (eniyan bi aparo lomo ara’ye n  fe o).

What has life presented to you? What are you passing through? Are you concerned with your surroundings? Are you conscious of those around you? Human beings can be brutal, and at times loving, life itself is like a two sided drum, its either you enjoy the good aspect of it, or it is the other way round.

As stated in the song, there will always be people that what wants to hear you, but  they only derive pleasure from listening to you, but there will surely be someone who will be concerned with what bothers you. In the case of Tunji Oyelana, in the track, it was his wife. So many people love you, don’t focus on the people who don’t. People may tarnish or destroy your image, stain your personality but they can’t take away your character because no matter what, you will always have your admirers and your sphere of influence. Let’s coast home, just like the great musician, Tunji Oyelana, completed the track; Mo wi to o… (I’ve said enough).


Lets enjoy the track- Mo lo soko-


Kayode Awojobi is a bilingual poet cum writer, he was an On Air personality of OOU FM and he is a graduate of Mass communication, Olabisi Onabanjo University, Ago-Iwoye, Ogun State.

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