Days of Yore!

A few hours ago, I ran into some letters written to me some 23-25 years back. It feels so surreal, and I shared it with the writers. It brought back some great memories, and we all felt grateful to God for keeping us till now.

Also, in that stack of correspondences, I found my own draft of letters meant to be typed and sent to various people across distant places—the years when we learnt how to use the internet at cybercafes.

I miss those good years when one sat down to write letters, days when you had no Grammarly to edit your letters, and there was no room for shorthand writing and emoticons. Days when you had to send the letter through someone or post it. Those days when you had to go about with your pen and paper so that even when you visited someone, and they were not at home, you had to drop a note to register your presence.

The days when you had no mobile camera and you were threatened by the flash of multiple cameras at the slightest opportunity. The season when you were all “immobile”, and you had to sit on an armchair before you began to dial another number and it was available to some selected few. Days when we are in touch in person and not virtually.

Days when temper rose less from the media as it was timed and less fluid as we have it stir at us in the face today! Days when everyone had a show and no dedicated channels on the television. Days when you have to wait for NTA News at 9 and the best magazine program on TV was NTA Newsline! When traditions are concluded before the passage of royalties, days are announced.

Everything had its pros and cons. It feels like the world of words has been modified and impacted on human interactions, but what choice do we have is to flow with the season in an ever-efflorescent world of ours!

Who knows what tomorrow might bring as communications evolve?

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