Citi Bike Is The New Blowout

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Citi Bike Is The New Blowout


Siku Njema,
That is Good day in Swahili language, South Africa. Hope you had a great week? I feel so blessed every July because I have landmark accomplishments that last a lifetime, to be precise, I got a job in July; got married and many more. I appreciate God for all my testimonies.

My experience with the job I got some “Julys” ago; made me come up with today’s discussion; Contract staff versus Permanent staff. Many young people abhor this term but it is a reality that we have to live with presently as capitalist wishes. Let me paint a scenario, a group of staff in a company put themselves together to vent their anger about their condition of service but when the companies spokesperson would address the press; the company expressed their displeasure about the conduct of these disgruntled people who were unfortunately staff of a service provider; that is all! This now reminds me of someone’s saying, “it is easier for someone to come from another company and be recruited as a permanent staff than for a contract staff to cross the hurdle”.

Contract staff evolved out of a cost cutting process and profit maximization idea for companies. Unfortunately, the contract staffs are employed by a “service provider” which is usually a part of the group of companies. The service provider determines the role you play, your progression; your entitlements while the firm where you are seconded to provide the work tools and space. Regrettably the job description might be the same. There are some companies that have different ID cards but some do not differentiate. Some of the cadre of staff in this category include Customer Care Executives, Janitorial services, Chauffeurs, at times, Engineers and a whole lot of others.

Permanent staff are employed by a company to be their employee. The company determines everything about her staffing through her distinct Human Resources process. Permanent staff have an air of superiority around them believing that they cannot be disengaged like the contract staffs. The permanent staff receive jumbo pay amongst other entitlements. A fortunately few transit from being a contract staff to a permanent staff.

Today’s discourse is all about opportunities; both permanent and contract staff usually attend the same school; they patronize the same market; they shop from the same market but the official disparity remains constant. However, everyone is a CONTRACT staff. There are no one who cannot be disengaged from the job despite the position, even the CEO, in an organization.

It is imperative to be wise enough regardless of the titles; that who think they are permanent should be weary less they fall and those who are contract should brace up to move up the ladder.

The encouragement is that contract staff should not be too relaxed because the time spent with the appellation might positively or negatively impact on their career advancement.

Have a nice week.

Kind regards,

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
Citi Bike Is The New Blowout


Dear Friends,

How has been the 2nd half of the year? I have been on a roller coaster experience and I am finding the challenge worthwhile. Also, I have been seeing great testimonies this year and I know I would share my good news with you soon.

I was on Awolowo Road, Ikoyi some days ago and I saw some prisoners in Black Maria heading to the law court for different verdicts respectively. I saw them trying to peep through the vent to catch a glimpse of what was happening on the street. Still in the same vehicle, I was hearing one of them praying while other responded, “Amen!”

We all understand captivity; we know it is incarceration, imprisonment, custody or detention. That means any impediment that keeps one from pursuing his desired goals in life is a form of captivity. 
There are different forms of captivity which would not be exhausted in this discourse- a slave is in captivity, a prisoner is in captivity, a delinquent teen in a remand home is in captivity etc.

Those at liberty are free to move at will. A free person is the one who is not suffering from any form 
of incarceration as a free-born, a law-abiding citizen etc.

I won’t dwell so much on today’s discussion because the lesson in it for us are questions, what are you doing with you freedom? Are you maximizing your potentials through it? Are you not on the verge of doing something wrong that can turn your liberty to captivity? The line that separates the two statuses is very tiny, don’t break it!

Have a liberty filled week.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
Citi Bike Is The New Blowout

E kaaro o,

That simply means “Good morning” in Yoruba language. I am sure to get chastised by the 1st speakers of the language because I do not have the tonal marks that give the same word different meanings.

Today, I will be looking at power from a deadly angle and the other perspective. For every man (including woman), there is a time when one has the ability to pursue dreams with vigour during the vibrant stage of life. The person would attain power and position, however for every man, life can either demand for the power in different ways while one has a choice to relinquish power like the erstwhile President of Nigeria, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan.

Hijacked Power is when a man leaves a position of authority through death, coup d’état (in the military), or loss of job. There are situations when the game changer, the quintessential boss get to be the target of these occurrences and it causes grief for benefactors. Hijacked power is a situation when a man would be pulled/dragged out or shown the way out forcefully.

Relinquishing Power is a situation when a honourable man leaves the position when the ovation is loudest; when the man understands that his ability cannot sustain the challenge of the position at a certain time. It is an opportunity for the man to give room to others to perform optimally. Relinquishing power gives room for roles such as Adviser, Consultant and Chairman in the Boardroom.

What is the rationale of today’s discourse; there is a need to understand that there is a time for everything. Do not clinch to power as if you will never let go of it; if you do not let go; it will unbound itself from you one day. African leaders do not understand this by the way they tenaciously hold on to power attempting to become monarchs from elected offices. Whenever you feel glued to power ask yourself this question, “Where are those who held this title years ago?”

Power Would Definitely Change Hands but there is wisdom in relinquishing than having it hijacked.

Have a great week and a smooth transition to July

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
Citi Bike Is The New Blowout

Wapendwa Marafiki,

Despite all the xenophobic attacks in recent times, I travelled to South Africa to bring you greetings, saying, “Hello Friends.” It is a great week around me with loads of commitments and challenges that would make me better. Hope we are all on the learning curve? Life is all about learning.

I will paint a scenario from the insurgency in Nigeria. This faceless and heartless group has killed a lot of people, rendered many people homeless and has maimed thousands of innocent Nigerians. However, we keep hearing statements like, “They will be brought to book; it is a menace we have to learn to live with etc”. Unfortunately, when the elections were drawing closer, the activities of this sect was a threat to the conduct of the general elections and the Nigerian army swung into action. The dastard activities of sect reduced drastically. Do we need emergency measures of long term measures for a good life?

Emergency measures are decisions taken to urgently resolve queries, issues and troubles. There is no body, state, nation or continent that does not need to make fundamental decisions to keep families at peace, stop warring factions and maintaining order. Some decisions made lack depth, as such, they relapse easily; some are poorly planned, as such, it attracts grievous consequences.

Long Term measures are the decisions that are thorough examined. It can be akin to the process of passing a bill in the National Assembly that goes through many stages before finally signed into law. Long term measures usually get to the root of an issue and ensure lasting solution.

There are people who do not know the time to appropriate emergency measures or long term measures. They mishandle situations and make a mess of it. There is a need for conscious efforts on our side to understand situations and not just rush at it. Good solutions can only be measured by its effectiveness.

Think deeply about the model of ending knotty issues and making the best out of it.

Have a great weekend.


(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria

Ride a Citi Bike every day—to my office, cross-town for after work drinks, to Brooklyn to visit my brother.

I’m all over it. I soon discovered that in addition to being my favored form of public transportation, riding a Citi Bike (or any bike) is also the perfect opportunity for a low-maintenance beauty person like myself to fake the look of “doing my hair.”

Here’s what I do: I wash and condition my hair, and then, while it’s still wet, I take a wide tooth comb and run it through. I have naturally curly hair, but if I comb it, the curls turn into waves. Then I twirl my hair (still wet) up into a bun and clip it. At this point, I let my hair dry naturally. Sometimes I do this at night, sometimes early in the morning. Once it’s dry (enough) I take it out of the bun and I use one product: Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray. I spray it over my head, pretty liberally, and then work it through with my fingers. I get on my bike, and let the ride do the rest. Sometimes it works better than others, it all depends on humidity and which way the wind blows. I find that east-to-west rides are the best for getting that full, vaguely permed—but not too ’80s—look that I love.

—Danielle Mastrangelo

Danielle Mastrangelo photographed by Tom Newton.

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