Hello friends,
It is a wonderful week for me and I am sure it will be for you as well. I am currently under drilling but that has not stopped my ink from writing this every week. Hope you had a great weekend of full. Last weekend was the celebration of the death of a greet Yoruba novelist, Pa TAA Ladele but for those of us who are still alive; the challenge is what would we leave for posterity?
I am writing this week based on two Yoruba proverbs which would help us a lot to know how to handle our loved ones especially. We usually take our loved ones for granted; we get so familiar with them till we lose them. However, what you do not value can be someone else’s treasure. Let’s ruminate together on this, Carelessly Handled versus Jealously Guarded.
Carelessly Handled is a situation when your loved one becomes your next door neighbor that you do not accord any special treatment or respect. People usually do not see this as a disadvantage in a relationship. This is one of the things that burns out the energy that should be invested in a relationship; communication dwindles, love wanes and a lot of issues. The Yoruba proverb that supports this discussion is: “Oun a ba fisile lenu ewure n to” literary meaning whatever is left carelessly is available for the goat to chew.

Jealously guarded is a phenomenon in which the spouses protect one another. This cuts across all areas of their relationship; protection from the in-laws, protecting from the children knowing the flaws of either of them, protection of the interest of each other, protecting from all depressing state, protecting in times of errors as well.  The Yoruba proverb that gives a support to this is; “oun a ba fi pamo ni niyi” meaning worthy items is safely kept.
Jealously guard all items that is worthy to you. It would cost a little to do that than to carelessly handle and attempting to recover. Information should be carefully handled also; know those who you divulge personal details with, if you tell a gossip, you will find yourself to blame.
I implore you to jealously guard everything than handling it carelessly thereafter seeking for recovery.
Enjoy the rest of the week.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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