Saanu Janmo,

I want to start on a language note today, like a typical Hausa man would say, Hello All. I am sending my wishes for a lovely day and a week full of giant strides. June is almost here. What is our mid-year appraisal going to look like? Don’t give up, keep at it!

This week, we would be discussing something we know very well. I once remembered hearing that a Manager was taken off a team because he does not know how to manage people. If he assigns a task to those that he oversees, he often does it himself. It came to a point when he was overburdened that others were redundant and the task was killing him. We need not overburden ourselves; the antidote is learning how to delegate.

Burden is anything that strains and stresses. Burden is not a friendly task, burden is when one works with “greed” that is a phenomenon that you want to do all alone. There are two things that must be learnt:

a.       You cannot do everything yourself.

b.      You should request for help than to break your spine through laborious tasks.

Delegation is a situation when roles are assigned to others. Delegation is a sign of good leadership, however, I must say it that delegation could be a burden too when the leader wants the subordinate to do everything for no reason. Such bosses demoralize the subordinate and it might lead to a revolt. Delegation is when task are shared and the burden is equally carried. This is well demonstrated in the lives of yoked-ox. If one of the animals does not care the yoke well, it affects the other animal. The benefit of delegation is achieving a lot within a short time.

Let’s learn to delegate and not become burdened by tasks that can be shared by the team.

Enjoy your week!

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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