As happy as APY!

APY is an acronym for Atanda Philip Yemi, never contending gentleman of good mien, accommodating and he is ready to give you tips of how to progress from his own wealth of experience. Apy cannot be judged from look and you can’t determine his exposure from his conduct but when there is an opportunity for him to share from what he has seen, known and passed through then you can quantify the person you are speaking to.

The entrepreneurial spirit in APY came forth more at his exit from the regular monthly pay. He desisted from monthly pay and now has his own network of firms, he encourages everyone to come up with a business idea that others can feed from. Recently at a chat with APY, he made a statement, MOST BIG PEOPLE EMERGED AFTER LEAVING A MONTHLY PAYCHEQUE LIFESTYLE. This made me look inwardly the more, making a quest for independence and moving on to be a business mogul with my ideas.

At a visit to Apy’s abode, you will be able to judge how happy he is with his family, a family as large as an extended family settings all happening in a single flat, another BIG BROTHER Series can be staged in his house because many people would testify of his accommodating heart, so large to accept everyone.

The relationship of APY is happy and this can be known from the crop of all he associates with and he is ready to make this link work for you too. Am so happy about APY and I know that his personality transcends this generation unto another.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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