I am truly Nigerian and I am proud it’s a heterogeneous country. I just said, “My friend” in Idoma language, Benue State, Nigeria. Welcome to the month of March, we all pray to move forward and that will be our experience by God’s grace. Fellow Nigerians, as we are called by our leaders, I hope we would use our Voters Card right; it is just few weeks to elections.

Let me start be asking you a question on this, which is sweeter, a cube of sugar or a mouthful of sugar cane? Which is more harmful, the cube of sugar or the sugar cane?  These questions, I do not have the answer myself but one would benefit the body more. It is important to note that I want to delve into a terrain where I am a novice; I would make it short in order to limit my deviations. Let’s start this journey into what we eat Artificial Sweeteners versus Natural Bitters.
Artificial sweeteners are man-made products that make us “feel good” as humans. These products are made from natural elements after going through a process. After processing it, it would be branded, packed, marketed till it gets to the consumer. It has been found that many of the sweeteners do not totally get metabolized in the human body leaving toxins residue within the body. It also overburdens the body systems as they take longer to metabolized. This further leads to sicknesses either curable or otherwise.
Natural Bitters are the natural products that are very healthy to the human body but ab initio “bitter”. For example, there is a leaf called “bitter leaf” just as the name implies it is truly bitter. There is a Yoruba saying, “adun ni gbeyin ewuro” meaning sweetness comes after taking bitter leaf. Some of the natural bitters are very helpful to the body. In fact, they make the body strong and better. The little discomfort does not measure up to the benefits. One of which is the ability of the body to break down all the mineral/chemical components of the ingested food item.
What I want you to take out of this discussion is there is no need to become obese or have diabetics because of the artificial sweeteners; you need what is natural to enhance life. Do not indulge yourself in junk foods, excessive consumption of sugar, alcoholism and other habits that threaten body organs. Keep a healthy lifestyle. Eat natural foods, if it does not give you the desires sweetness, it will give you the desired good health and long life.
Enjoy your week.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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