Dear Friends,
Welcome to a new week. Hope you had a great weekend? I am delighted to be here again. Yoruba and Owambe* things can hardly be separated. There are times when there are more than one event during the weekend and what determines the choice of attendance is based on the affinity of the celebrant or those involved. On a lighter note, so may I ask how many parties were you a part of this last weekend?
Have you ever been seated by the aisle in a luxurious bus? Then, there are people who could not afford to pay the same fare with you on board and they stand on the aisle throughout the journey from one region to another. There are times, when they would fall over you. Our discussion today is on Aisle vs Window.

Aisle exists in different spheres of life; couple walk down the aisle for their marriage ceremony; a luxurious bus have aisle; an airplane also. The only place where you can easily have contact with different people is the aisle. For example, the congregants; fellow passengers and air hostess are all met on the aisle.
Window is a place of exposure to things happening beyond the immediate environment and it can also be the easiest route to escaping because it has the emergency exit.  While preparing for this, I found the quote below:

“Airlines are charging premium prices for some window and aisle seats. And that’s forcing passengers to choose the dreaded middle seat. It also makes it more difficult for families to sit in the same row if they’re not willing to pay extra”*
This implies that there are contentions for the window seat; it is desired by many travellers. The window side seems calmer and secluded. In fact, it is the person by the window side that can disturb the person by the aisle but it is likely not to happen vice versa.
The import of today’s message is that you should not be discouraged; neither the window nor the aisle is permanent; it is for the duration of the journey. The person on the aisle has the opportunity to influence others positively while the person on the window can meditate and generate something productive for the world.
Whichever point you are in life; see it as a rare opportunity and make the best out of it.
Have a positively productive week.
*Owambe: is a word used to describe parties by Nigerians and it is a mutually intelligible word to every tribe.

(c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria
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