Messing vs Blessing


I am still with the Zulu people in South Africa and I just asked “Whats Up!” What’s up with everything about you? Regardless of the daunting challenges that we face daily, let’s take time to ask after the welfare of those around us across all channels.

I have a very dear bosom friend, we have been on one another’s trail for some years. Although our career paths are not similar but we have always found ways of converging and strengthening our bond. Having said that, I ruminated on our individual challenges, I discovered that we have never allowed it to overshadow our heart of gratitude to God for the good tidings at every point in time. Let’s think together on our Messing vs Blessing today.

Messing can be seen from various perspectives- one may think of one’s life as being dirty and disorderly. It could also be seen from the state of utmost confusion or embarrassment. It could also mean that there are a lot of interference in one’s life.

Blessing on the other side are the numerous ways in which we have enjoyed special favour, mercy and/or benefit. As humans, we really do not remember the favour that we have enjoyed but we are quick to recall our challenges. We also forget to acknowledge the blessings of happiness that is upon all of our relatives and acquaintances at all times.

At this period of thanksgiving, can you enumerate our blessings and leave your messing to divine care? Can you be grateful for the gift of life which is a precursor to all great attainment you ever desired?

If our lives have been tremendously blessed this year, we would surely move pass our mess without its trace on our memories.

Have a great month of Thanksgiving.




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