Mobility vs Stability

I just said “Hello” like a Zulu man from South Africa would do.  I am sure all is well with you and your loved ones. Don’t give up at this point, you might be at the verge of a  breakthrough.

The English man has a saying “a rolling stone gathers no moss”. Truthfully, this saying is very apt for us to learn from and there is a need to take cognizance of it as we proceed as young people. Let’s think together about Mobility vs Stability.

Mobility is a situation when one keeps relocating from one part of the country to another or a part of the world to another.  Many young people in Nigeria has given up and all they are thinking of is how they would leave this country. For those of us,  who have young families, some bills get duplicated like accommodation and household utensils.  In fact, some mobility demands learning a totally new language, undergoing new academic programme and many more.

Stability is the decision to etch a purposeful life within one’s current location. The use of the word “purposeful” means that one would make the best with one’s energy and deliberately ensure that one enjoys one’s life in that location. Within a short while, things will add up and eventually fall in place.

I do support career mobility but geographical mobility comes with a lot of new adaptation which one might easily overcome if one is stable in a place. Stability gives strength, mobility at times is for the feeble minded ones. Be strong and courageous, you will overcome all the challenges that makes you disheartened.

Whatever is not yet sufficient will be shortly, let’s just give it a little time to mature.

Cheer up!



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