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Ocean separate us,Same plane we are,Weather differentiate us,In the globe we are,Pigment disassociate us,From the same source we are. Technology favours one,Colonizing one another,Leadership permanently with one,Cruelty resident with another,Dependant on each other,None of us is self-sufficient,We are of a source. Let’s eat from a sauce,Defiling all odds,Residing, marrying and …

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The carpenter made cabinet,The cabinet-maker turned embalmer,The embalmer became embalmed,The giant undertaker flying away through his craft. Many are the dead,Many need you for their dead,You made departure of soul lovely,Now departing in the trade. You bore name with death!You should have been spared!You traded with death’s victim,Celebrated joyfully drifting …

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End Point in Mind

Without getting close,Seeming impossible,Distant by the day,Calm silent voice soothing,Reassuring of the days ahead,The end point is in mind. Endless Valley cruise,No human anchor,Walking in the whirlwind,Wandering totteringly,Wondering what the way would be,The end point is in mind. Calling the end point as if it were here,Those paths may open,Strong …

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PROLOGUE The Inspector General on the television set being interviewed by journalists, the television set is in the station, with officers in uniform watching the broadcast. INSPECTOR-GENERAL: Henceforth, it is illegal to mount roadblocks; any officer mounting such post should be reported to the office of the Inspector-General on 08195759575 …

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