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A stream of idea,Developed in bits,Making gradual strides,The curator is an entrepreneur.It could be difficult,Uneasy to fund,Difficult to fan,Tasking to nurture,Till the game is discovered!The discovery leads to boom,Boom leads to maneuvering,Maneuvering leads to expertise,Expertise begets entrepreneur,The entrepreneur graduates to a fraudster. (c)Olutayo IRAN-TIOLA, Lagos, Nigeria

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I heard my name from the depth of sleep, “wake up and take this cup of tea”. I looked at the time and it was 6 am, I thought to myself, “why wake me this early? What is so unusually about today that she preparing an early morning cup of …

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FARMINGExcerpts…. Ore mi b’o o ba m’okun, Iwo yara ba mi kalo;Ore mi b’o o ba m’osaTete kalo ki o lo m’osa;Tete kalo ki a r’Eko Adele,K’o wa w’alagbalugbu omi, Ore mi b’o o le rokoKan saara s’eni ti nr’okoOre mi b’o o le s’agbe,Oye ki a o bu ‘yi …

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In the plethora multiplicity,Unsung heroes multiply,Unknown reasons,Illogical reasoning. Boko Haram: Bombing Harlem,Faulty diagnosis system,Negligent leadership revolve,Nose-diving trend. Infuriating words from leaders,While we know it’s from their stead, They sponsor, they scrutinize,With vicious victims. Plethora death,Streams of blood,Sectored violence,Diverse reasons for cruelty. Plethora sapping of humanity,From Road Management to gas,Electricity tariff …

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